Mega Fortune Dreams Bonuses

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July 25, 2014

Mega Fortune Dreams Bonuses on your mobile or desktop

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How to reach the Mega Fortune Dreams Bonuses?

To reach the Mega Fortune Dreams bonus game, you need 3 or more bonus wheel symbols to line up on a pay line within the first 3 reels.  We have found that it’s optimal if you put the game in autoplay, tagged with a setting that the game should stop when you access the Bonus Round. Since the bonus round is the focal interesting part of the game, you should definitely want to pay full attention on the game when you access this section, and witness yourself get dirty rich!


All three Mega Fortune Dreams jackpots are to be won once you enter the Bonus game and this is where DREAMS COME TRUE!

1) The Rapid Jackpot – This is the smallest and most frequently paying out jackpot, with an estimated average fallout of €500

2) The Major Jackpot – This is the medium jackpot and falls out with an estimated average amount of €50,000

3) The Mega Jackpot – The Mega Jackpot is the life changing jackpot, with an estimated average fallout of  €3,800,000!

If the 3rd wheel stops on the innermost wheel you call your boss and say you have quit, since you just won the Mega Fortune Dreams jackpot!

In fact it is possible to hit the middle Mega Fortune Dreams Major Jackpot and the lowest Mega Fortune Dreams Rapid Jackpot while playing the Mega Fortune dreams slot at any time.  It has from experience been observed that the Rapid Jackpot is won on any site about 5 times a day, and the Major Jackpot is won around 1-2 times per month, depending upon the turnover on the game, which is normally in proportion to the size of the jackpot at that time.

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